The London Fund operates as a traditional merchant bank and invests in IP-rich high-growth companies with a particular focus on emerging technologies. We advise companies with $1M to $100M in revenue on inorganic growth strategies, mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity financing, and IPOs.

By actively partnering with entrepreneurs, The London Fund innovation lab combines several critical disciplines: marketing, product design, social marketing, financial structuring, IP strategy, and channel creation. This enables effective launching of products and technology we can identify, extend and defend.

In addition, The London Fund investment vehicle can boost growth by providing from $200K to $50M in early-stage and growth capital.

Our team helps entrepreneurs shift the balance away from established companies.  Operating with the philosophy that disruptive, high-growth companies hold intrinsic, quantifiable value, The London Fund works closely with founders to help identify and extend a company’s intellectual property assets into a truly defendable position.

While all our partners bring strong operational and entrepreneurial backgrounds to every portfolio company, we also show companies a clear pathway towards an exit.  As co-founders with over 20 acquisitions and four IPOs at our back,  our track record has realized IRRs in excess of 20% and multiples of over 4x on original investment since 2002.  We pride ourselves on knowing how to build successful businesses with the lowest weighted average cost of capital.

This focus on seeking, developing and defending quantifiable IP forms the fundamental difference between The London Fund and other investors.